Dormin’s – [Boldy James] ft. [2100 Bagz]

Over the past couple of years, I have been raving about all of the talent pouring out of Detroit because emcees like Icewear Vezzo, Babyface Ray, whiterosemoxie, and so many others have really been putting on for their city and making it a true hip-hop destination. One person that I’ve been sleeping on, though, is Boldy James, and I think it’s about time that I woke up. I mean, I knew that he had worked with plenty of immensely talented producers like The Alchemist, Real Bad Man, and Nicolas Craven, and he is in the same circle as some of my all-time favorite rappers like Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt with whom he toured with recently, but considering the Milwaukee show that I was going to be at got canceled, I had to wallow in my sorrows and persevere through the FOMO.

I just had this dumb preconceived perception of him for some reason that was entirely false, so now I have no choice but to play the catchup game, but thankfully, he just dropped a brand-new album entitled Mr. TEN08 that was entirely produced by Futurewave, so I know exactly where I need to start this rediscovery process. While I still need to listen to all 10 songs lasting over a half hour long a few more times to truly grasp everything Boldy brings to the table in terms of unique style and unmatched lyricism, I was thoroughly impressed after my first listen so I can’t wait to keep digging in.

In addition to the album, I was super excited to find out that he dropped a Lock Productions music video for the only song with a feature on it from 2100 Bagz called “Dormin’s”, and it is just about as good as it gets. As this grungy, gritty song unfolds, Boldy takes us on a bit of a tour of his hometown, but not quite one you’d often find a typical tourist partaking in. Instead, he hits his block, the basketball court, the gas station, and various other spots around town during the night as a singular flashlight appears to illuminate each location, tying together this shadowy theme that is simply dominant and captivating.

The simplistic aesthetic of this one really lets the record itself shine without overshadowing it even slightly because the song is really the star of the show, but it provides a perfect series of events to bring the track to new levels. Boldy James seems to be unmatched when it comes to many different facets of his skillset, so while I can’t wait to get more familiar with him, his brand-new album and the music video for “Dormin’s” is all I needed to experience to ignite my internal flame and dive into his extensive and predictably remarkable discography.