Doritos & Fritos – [100 gecs]

Considering hyperpop is a newer genre in the grand scheme of the music industry, it seems like even though some artists feel like veterans due to the mass amounts of amazing music they drop, there aren’t really any talents who have been seriously making music for more than a handful of years, at least on a more professional level. I say this with the one exception of 100 gecs, because this dynamic duo seems to serve as some of the only vets in the subgenre, and I don’t think it’s outrageous to credit them with pretty much originating this sound that has influenced so many others.

Sure, they’ve been at it for years, and while their fanbase has always been strong and sturdy, it seems like they have completely blown up over the somewhat recent past, and I am beyond excited for them. I mean, getting a spot high up on the Lollapalooza lineup as well as countless other accomplishments shouldn’t be taken lightly, so I’m not going to risk missing any new releases whenever I see them come across my radar.

With that being said, you already know I couldn’t resist writing about their most recent drop “Doritos & Fritos”, a song that comes equipped with a Chris Maggio-directed visual that is as out of this world as the two musicians are themselves. I love this record because it seems like they almost utilize a Seinfeld-inspired bassline that combines with electric guitar sounds and a punk-forward melody that is completely leveled up by the pair’s individualistic voices.

The music video is even crazier, too, because it seems as if a news channel is following the duo as they fly through the air like paper airplanes, stopping pedestrians in their tracks who are trying to find out what these UFOs are, or better yet, who they are. After evading capture a few times in magnificent fashion, the two fly off until they’re out of view, embarking on their next wild yet addicting journey while leaving us with yet another completely mystifying release from the legendary and game-changing team known as 100 gecs.