DOPEBOYS – [Omni !]

A passive listening session can always lead to an incredible find of music that washes over you, perks your ears, and makes you say, “who is this?!” This series of emotions was my exact reaction when discovering the riotous sound of Omni ! and their debut project, DOPEBOYS. The Calhoun Georgia-based group, comprised of Dawvro, J’aime, and JoVaughn, are in their infancy as a collective, but one listen to their debut, which was entirely produced by Dawvro, will have you realizing there is no ceiling in sight for this burgeoning trio oozing with southern grit. 

The project’s opener, “WILLIE” is a sonic slap to the face, grabbing your attention with its statically charged bass rattling production and exasperated flow that submerges you into the grimy, hard-hitting, and completely rabid world where their music resides. Rather than easing listeners into the chaotic circus that their music embodies, the group favors a more shock-riddled approach, throwing listeners into the deep end of their sound with no remorse for those who may sink and inducting those who survive the depths into the cult of Omni! Even though the group’s approach is brash, shown through songs like, “DOPEBOYS” and “MOMMA’S MONEY,” Omni is still able to provide a sense of intimacy in the raps they deliver. Songs like, “DRAMA,” and “BLUE SPRITE,” although just as hard-hitting as the rest of the project, find the members of Omni delivering introspective bars surrounding growing up, the constraints of small-town life, and the conviction needed to follow your dreams. 

Listen to the debut project DOPEBOYS by Omni ! below.