Kentucky Rapper Rob Run Corleone teams up with Rick Ross and Kamron Bahani in “Dope Talk 2.”

Looking for something to spark your day? “Dope Talk 2” won’t disappoint.

Kentucky rapper Rob Run Corleone makes his LL debut with a hard-hitter in “Dope Talk 2,” which features industry legend and global superstar Rick Ross alongside New York up-comer Kamron Bahani.

Right off the bat, you can hear what a great pairing the raw, uncut tone of Rob Run Corleone will be with Rick Ross, as he starts the track off with ferocity and lyricism that perfectly complement Ross’ delivery. Rick enters his verse in typical fashion, with a laid-back aggression so distinctive to his personal style that you can almost close your eyes and put yourself in 2012. I was really impressed with the verse from Kamron Bahani, who certified his talents and showed he deserved to be rapping alongside some big-time talent. I’m excited to hear his name more in the future.

Corleone matches the intensity of the trio’s verses with a catchy, power-packed hook that fits seamlessly between them and will have listeners reciting word-for-word.

“Dope Talk 2” has already reached nearly 5K views on YouTube in just a couple of weeks. Check it out below!