Don’t Walk Away – [Illy Ali]

Cities that don’t always produce the most stars are sometimes the ones with the most hidden gems. Illy Ali, hailing from Buffalo, NY, looks to be one of those gems as he progresses his career in a new single & visual for “Don’t Walk Away.”

Buffalo doesn’t usually come to mind when you’re thinking about hip-hop hotbeds, but as the industry continues to pull artists from more and more areas with the rise of social media and marketing, it’s interesting to see just how styles differ from city to city, and what these different regions can offer.

Illy delivers on this track smoothly, with his articulation and storytelling ability evident from the jump. He mostly references relationship issues in this track that cries out for his girl to stay and be patient while he endures trials and tribulations on his road to success.

“Stay with me, grow old and gray with me, don’t walk away from me.”

Ali, rocking a Jim Kelly jersey, looks to become a Buffalo legend just like the no. 12 jersey he’s sporting in the beautiful visual shot by  The Digggers. This simple, yet effective video portrays Ali in multiple everyday situations, at an ice cream shop, in his whip, and on the town, which is a great representation of the song’s energy. I love the casual vibe the visual brings, as it allows the track to breathe and doesn’t distract viewers.

A member of their rap group, The Dignitaries, Illy is an artist that doesn’t shy away from his struggles, using the mic to vent about the hardships that got him to the point he’s at today. He’s open and free-flowing, something you don’t see out of a lot of artists today, and that vulnerability definitely draws connections and relationships with his listeners.

Following the recent release of his EP titled Rosebuds Too, Illy Ali wants to build momentum, and bring a different sound to the industry that’s definitely evident in “Don’t Walk Away.” Get a glimpse into the style that the Buffalo native hopes will carry him to the top, with this visual on YouTube, below!