Don’t Try This At Home – [J.K. The Reaper] & [Supah Mario]

After a fury of hype singles, rapper J.K. The Reaper and producer Supah Mario have released their highly anticipated 9-song EP. Now, many of you should be incredibly familiar with J.K. as one of the original mic slayers of the SoundCloud era. He’s only refined his penmenship in the past years and his latest project is concrete evidence. Titled Don’t Try This At Home, The Reaper performs some death defying stunts over impeccable production. Supah Mario has been having an incredible year, working with the likes of Drake and Lil Uzi Vert. His co-sign does not come lightly, working with an established artist with strong writing skills shows J.K. is everything we thought he could be.

With singles like “Hot Ones” and “Freak of the Week” being a small sample of the heat on the EP, there is a lot of versatility form J.K. in between the bass-blasting heaters we’ve come to expect from him. On tracks like “Mob” and “Norf $ide”, J.K. shows his range bringing his intensity levels way down. If you are expecting the more aggressive sound J.K. is known for then look out for songs like “Run It” and “Make It Rain” which are by far two of my favorite from the EP.

Don’t sleep on this project, each week we get amazing music from North Carolina and J.K. The Reaper has been one of the most consistant. While J.K. has beena bit of an underground rapper, it feels like co-signs like this help show just how much ammunition he has left.

Listen to Don’t Try This At Home on all platforms here. Watch the music video for “Make It Rain” below!