don’t stop! we can do this – [6 dogs]

It’s likely you’ve been living under a rock for the past year if you haven’t yet become an avid listener of 6dogs. Following his collab-tape with Danny Wolf in 6 Wolves back in May, the Lyrical Lemonade favorite returns today with the next emotionally-filled record titled, don’t stop! we can do this. With production coming from Shrimp, the spacey synths were right in 6 dogs wheelhouse as he blessed the instrumental with his unearthly autotune lyricism promoting good vibes, positivity and to always keep moving forward. It goes without saying that 6 dogs is unlike any artist who has/ is coming up right now and with a catalog of music that only seems to improve by each release, the potential is at an all-time high for the young artist. That being said, stop what you’re doing and give don’t stop! we can do this a listen and leave a comment below whether or not you’re feeling the latest from 6 dogs.