Don’t Play Wit Him – [3AG Pilot] x [SenseiATL]

Atlanta gets talked about so often by so many people like myself and unfortunately, much of rap’s journalistic collective tends to overlook particular artists in this area who are just as deserving, if not more deserving, of our praise than their counterparts and that is certainly the case with Atlanta rapper 3AG Pilot who has been steadily releasing music and proving himself to be among the other top artists in the city, speaking from an objective musical perspective. He has released music prolifically over the past year and it has been very fun to watch his progression from track to track and he has definitely grown quite a bit as an artist lately, most recently with his project¬†Don’t Play Wit Him which was produced almost entirely by SenseiATL who had the help of Al Chapo and CapnCrunch on a couple of tracks. Sensei is in his bag production wise, supplying Pilot with a perfect selection of beats that are characteristically menacing and bass-heavy, and these provided the perfect background for Pilot to navigate them with his unique flows and voice. Keep an eye on 3AG Pilot for the rest of 2020 and I am looking forward to watching his continued evolution as a rapper.