DON’T NEED [Frank Leone]

Los Angeles based artist Frank Leone returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a unique new single titled “DON’T NEED,” serving as a follow up to his related song “DON’T HIDE.” Frank’s birthday was this past Monday, announcing¬†DON’T, which is his upcoming and latest album since 2015. Each and every single record off the LP (including his newest track) was entirely produced and orchestrated by Leone.

In Frank Leone’s words, “This song, along with the rest on my upcoming album, I made on my own little quarantine last year. I was living in the California countryside – sunny as hell, broke as hell, and in a really broken home; just smoking weed listening to Brazilian [music] all day.” Frank stated that his newest album was crafted during his incubation period, resembling an emotional, nostalgic purgatory. Filled with anger and loneliness, these feelings resulted in a false sense of comfort for Leone when creating new music. Ironically, the pandemic has brought upon a similar circumstance. On the bright side, Frank Leone was not only able to finish his next four bodies of work, but overcome his trials and tribulations in the process.

For these reasons, Leone is grateful for the adversity he once suffered from, with his upcoming work reflecting the dirty, warped, and self-centered experiences that brought upon self-growth. Stream “DON’T NEED,” the latest single from Frank Leone below!

Words by Brandon Washington