Don’t Look at Me – [POORSTACY]

Internet Money standout POORSTACY has only recently been introduced to me over the past couple of months, but he has rapidly grown into one of my favorite artists not only on the IM roster but in the entire music industry. He’s so versatile with his music, sometimes opting to go with a more Hip-Hop vibe while other times strictly going completely Punk Rock and not even giving it a second thought. I think he and his fellow IM counterpart Iann Dior have similar aesthetics, but Iann seems to include slightly more Pop-like elements that I thoroughly enjoy, while STACY sticks to a more hard-nosed, ruthless style most of the time.

When STACY dropped his highly anticipated debut album The Breakfast Club just a couple of weeks ago, I was blown away. I was expecting a lot, of course, but it just took my expectations to a whole new level. Then, out of nowhere, a couple of days later he dropped a couple of new songs for a deluxe version, one of them being “Don’t Look at Me”.  This song shows off exactly what I mean as far as his Rock influences are concerned, but also leaves some room for him to demonstrate his dexterity that I previously mentioned as well. The instrumental begins with heavy electric guitar riffs and an infectious bassline that is filtered with effects that make it sound as if it’s being played in another room.

STACY begins to sing in a very relaxed, almost annoyed fashion for a few lines before reaching deep into his soul and absolutely screaming a couple of bars, setting a precedent for what’s to come moving forward. As he does scream, the beat drops, and the instrumental elements become clearer and purer than ever before, adding to the Rock elements that are abundantly clear all over this track. The guitar chords that are being played give off some troublesome vibes but also suggest a feeling of anarchy and rebellion, playing up the narratives that STACY is singing about throughout this record. Eventually, he allows himself to relax slightly once again and sings in a much more composed manner. During these portions, there are effects on his voice that make it sound staticky and grainy, but there also seems to be a few layers to his voice that adds to the power behind his vocals.

As the song moves along, there are a couple of moments where there seems to be a bit of a drum breakdown where the guitar slows down and the 808s steal the show, which I think is definitely necessary considering it plays a part in breaking up the song into different parts and providing even more flexibility to the offering. As we’re taken on this journey through a wild night in STACY’s life, he seems to want to stay out all night with a significant other as he’s on a bunch of drugs, but he also has these insecurities and inner stresses that are giving him anxiety, and it’s when he admits these things that he begins to scream and goes a bit psychotic for moments throughout the song.

Although this song has been out for a couple of weeks at this point, there’s a new music video that accompanies it and I think it does a pretty nice job of matching the aesthetic of the track itself. We are taken to some wild function that is extremely dark and dingy, and the setting almost reminds me slightly of his other visual with Travis Barker for his song “Choose Life”. At first, he’s making his way through the packed crowd as if he’s looking for someone, and the effects that are used give off the impression that we’re seeing a first-person view of his line of sight, but the drugs he’s on are speeding things up and causing a bit of panic or anxiety as he talks about in his lyrics. Certain shots are grainy, matching the effects on his vocals while others are shot with a fisheye lens and the main scenes where he’s actually singing into a microphone are a lot clearer than the rest. At the end of the day, there aren’t too many different scenes that are shown, but the sped-up, lagging effects and quick cuts from shot to shot really add a sense of urgency and angst that match the vibe of the single perfectly.

I absolutely love Internet Money because they produce so many stars, obviously, but none of the artists on their roster sound the same at all. In fact, most of the artists on their team make music so out of the ordinary that new subgenres need to be created in order to be able to classify their sound. Most of their artists create some sort of Rap or Hip-Hop, but it can be a stretch for a lot of them considering the adroitness and skill that they all bring to the table. As for STACY, he can’t even truly be classified in these genres, at least with this song, because this is clearly pure Punk Rock, but it still has influences from other types of music that really put it into its own category. I’m not sure when I’ll stop listening to The Breakfast Club, if ever, but it’s well worth the listen if you’ve been sleeping up until now. Just check out POORSTACY’s music video for a track off of the deluxe version called “Don’t Look at Me” and you’re sure to be reeled into the rest of the project.