Don’t Like Me – [Rico Nasty] ft. [Gucci Mane] & [Don Toliver]

It seems like in 2020 more than ever, female rappers are taking over the Rap industry, and I’m all here for it. Out of all the women you can think of making incredible music, Rico Nasty is one of my favorites. She just has this bubble charisma that is juxtaposed by a slightly aggressive and insistent style that is confident and attention-grabbing, so she is arguably one of the most compelling artists in the industry, to say the least. She also just has the natural ability to make hits, which is more than what can be said of a lot of artists in Rap regardless of gender, and if people are hating or sleeping on her because she’s a woman, it’s way past your time to wake up, and her plethora of incredible music speaks for itself.

When I saw she dropped a new single entitled “Don’t Like Me”, I stopped whatever I was doing to tune in, and then I found out she recruited Don Toliver and Gucci Mane to assist her, so I knew I was in for a treat without a doubt in my mind. Once again, as soon as you press play, hitmaker Buddah Bless brings some constant, quick, and bubbly synths into the picture as well as some crisp Trap percussion and pungent 808s that work seamlessly with Rico’s vivacious voice.

As she comes in for the hook, her first few words are stuttered and repeated, acting as if the song is on a record and a DJ is scratching and reiterating these lines to come in stronger than ever. She constantly changes the pitch of her voice throughout the entire chorus and to my surprise, Don Toliver even comes in to assist her and lead us into her first verse with some lyrical expertise of his own. He repeats the same lines in a similar fashion as Rico, but his out of this world voice provides some wonderful differentiation to the hook even before he elevates his vocal tone to a pitch that is higher than I’ve ever heard from him previously, crushing his part once again.

When Rico comes in for the first verse, she begins with such high energy and spits some wonderfully sped up lyrics that constantly rotate in and out of different flows. Despite the fact that she’s Rapping, for the most part, there is this naturally melodious quality within her voice that almost comes off as if she’s singing, even though that’s not really the case for the majority of her portion. After another chorus, Gucci comes in and brings this offering back down to Earth, somewhat. His demeanor is as calm, cool, and collected as possible as his words just seem to roll off his tongue effortlessly. His unphased lyrics are as unhurried as they are fitting for this track, and although his verse doesn’t last for an extremely long period of time, it is an unbelievable addition to the record.

Time and time again, Rico Nasty consistently proves why she’s one of the most appealing artists in the game, with this song being no exception. Her charisma is simply off the charts, her skills are more abundant than many other artists, and she just seems like she knows how to have a great time no matter what kind of song she pieces together. Don Toliver has been one of my favorite artists for the better part of this year because his voice is so individualistic and inimitable, so I guess my only qualm with this track is the fact that he didn’t have more parts, but he killed the chorus regardless, so I can’t complain too much. Gucci, although an obscure addition from the outside looking in, killed his verse in the most veteran way possible, so after listening, it all makes more sense than I ever could’ve imagined. Rico Nasty is only going to keep leveling up, so hop on the bandwagon if you haven’t quite yet, and “Don’t Like Me” is a wonderful place to start.