Don’t Forget About Me, Demos – [Dominic Fike]

Every once in a blue moon — and it’s an innate feeling — I hear an artist that is, quite simply, bound to be star. When you sense it you sense it, and with Florida’s own, Dominic Fike, this is just the case. Completing a short jail stint while his collection of unreleased demos soared throughout the industry and eventually led to a bidding war between labels (Columbia Records was the victor), Fike has been a mysterious figure in the music world over the past few months, surrounded with the glowing tint of gold-struck talent without any music actually released on the internet. Today, he steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight with the long-awaited release of Don’t Forget About Me, Demos — and deservedly so, he arrives to the light greeted with the heads all turned in his direction.

That said, in just 6 songs, Fike proves to live up to the buzz of excitement around his name with an absolutely gorgeous collection of music. His style is sun-kissed and simple, allowing for deepened emotion and unforgettably charismatic cadences to make their way to the light — and to top it all off, the guitar-led instrumentals on this project fit right into the hypnotic sonic direction that Fike undertakes. While this may be labeled as a set of demos, Dominic Fike is exhibiting a supply of talent and creativity that demands your attention, so keep your ears open and listen to music’s next biggest star. Don’t Forget About Me, Demos is a special one; click play below and follow Florida’s own on Twitter here!