Don’t Fight-[EmmoLei Sankofa]

EmmoLei Sankofa is the true definition of an artist in every single way. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this stellar soul for some time now and because of her, my appreciation for the creative process of music making has grown deeper and deeper. I’ve written about EmmoLei before on Lyrical Lemonade but today it is my pleasure to once again dive into her meticulous craft.

Just on Friday, the Atlanta based singer/ songwriter/musician/composer dropped a new single, 3 times. Yes, you read that right. EmmoLei decided to release an original, a cappella, and instrumental version of her new song called, “Don’t Fight”; a move I have rarely seen before now. I had a chance to talk to EmmoLei about this special release and we touched on a lot of great concepts and ideas that encapsulate her artistry. This 3 release bundle is the first time that people are hearing her vocals this way; raw and uncut. For the majority of her career, the rising artist has spent her time focusing on the instrumental aspects but in “Don’t Fight”, she is marrying the vocals and instrument so listeners can get the full experience as one.

If you’ve listened to EmmoLei’s music before, you know that it is so detailed oriented. Not one song sounds the same as she aims to continue evolving as an artist. When asking EmmoLei about her evolution, she explained:

“I am always as I am as an artist. What changes is just the form of expression. My artistry is always an evolution. Letting people in on a journey that I may have already been on. There’s no changes when it comes to art. It’s just who you are in different spaces.”

After that explanation, I also asked EmmoLei about the creative process of this song and she added:

“For this song, the process was very organic. It was influenced by real and authentic feelings. A conversation. It’s a song I made to get feelings out at the time. It’s almost as if someone is having a conversation about something and you’re only hearing it from one perspective. I recorded it in one take, made the beat in a way that channeled how I felt and it all came out right there.”

Whenever you have such meticulous songs with so many amazing ideas like “Don’t Fight”, it is very easy to feel as if there is more of the story to be told. With an artist like EmmoLei who has many experiences and truths to be told, you can only help but wonder if this song is but one piece of a growing narrative puzzle. When asking her about this, she closed the interview out by saying:

“In terms of this song, its a sentence that has a period. Sometimes things are just meant to be isolated moments.”

To do this entire offering justice, you truly just have to listen to it. EmmoLei has painted a picture that needs to be experienced for yourself. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so make sure you give these offerings a listen and let us know what you think!