Don’t Die – [St. Panther] ft. [Diea Lone]

There’s a certain beauty in the art of simplicity. Being a writer, I constantly see artists try to do the most in hopes of going viral or revolutionizing the game with their first song, but in truth, these same artists are almost forgetting about the music aspect of being an artist. Great music, and more importantly, authentic music will always find a way to win, just as we can see with St. Panther’s stellar new offering, “Don’t Die” featuring Diea Lone.

All things considered, instrumentation-wise, this song isn’t overly complex by any measure. However, Panther and Lone make sure that every moving part is done to the best of its ability, and as a result, “Don’t Die” is able to craft the slow-burning, endless groove that led me to write about this one in the first place. There are no gimmicks involved and no unnecessary creative reaches; rather, St. Panther focuses on meshing a few elements of music together perfectly, only to match this stellar production with focused, emotive lyrics as the cherry on top.

Put simply, you can’t argue with great music no matter how simple it may be, and from the glimmering wine of the saxophone here to the laidback allure of each artist’s vocal runs, there’s no denying that “Don’t Die” is a food-for-the-soul kind of release.

Stream St. Panther and Diea Lone’s new offering at the link below and if you haven’t already, be sure to check Panther’s strikingly beautiful new instrumental, “if i could never play the piano again,” here!

Produced by St. Panther
Lyrics by Diea Lone