Don’t Care – [Tatiana Hazel]

Pop is an underrated, underappreciated genre. Pop is typically associated with those drawn-out singles that would somehow always play on the radio whenever you so much as stepped foot into a car, so we can thank modern radio for shaping the common thought about Pop music. However, when you allow yourself to branch through the tall grass of catchy radio Pop singles, you just might stumble upon a promise land of beautiful music. The Mexican-American bilingual Pop artist Tatiana Hazel is that satisfying first sip of water after a long journey through the depths of the Pop world. Her newest single “Don’t Care” juxtaposes common rhetoric behind a past relationship by offering a more positive perspective: just because you’re moving on does not mean that you can’t cherish the memories. Tatiana shared: “In the lyric ‘Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve stayed’ I ask myself what would have happened in an alternate reality if I chose that person over me.  In the chorus, ‘I don’t care if you don’t, I promise that I won’t forget about you’ I ultimately realize that I need to move on, but moving on doesn’t mean forgetting the time spent with that person.” Tatiana took it upon herself to create this song entirely from scratch after not being able to communicate the sound she wanted with an audio engineer. “Don’t Care” was entirely written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the young songstress. The bright upcoming artist is staking her claim to stardom and raising the bar for all upcoming Pop artists to follow.

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Words by Bianca Brown