Dont B Bitter / 101 – [CILO] w/ [Nikki Pararuan]

While it may seem like there’s been a massive influx of artists that emerge from the west coast every single year, one special thing about the west coast, however, is that there is so much to be inspired by. Living in Los Angeles alone, there are tons of emotions that can come from experiences living there. No matter if you’re dealing with life issues, trauma, fake friends and all, there’s a story to be told there. Los Angeles’ own CILO has his own story to tell, and he’s been doing a damn good job at showcasing it.

CILO was born in the Bay Area but is now based in LA, but he has a slew of life experiences and stories to share within his music. Growing up, he was always blown away by the way different artists would tell their stories through music and spew so much emotion and passion within it. That alone is what fueled him to create music of his own and do the exact same thing. Enlisting Ging, formerly known by the legendary Frank Dukes, on the production, CILO spews bars about life from his perspective on this double record which serves as two different points in his life. One is the past, and another speaks to his present and future self.

When asked about the inspiration for the record, CILO says:

“Working on this record, I wanted to make a song that felt like an introduction to my world. It was a time capsule for my life, which explains why it’s a two part song. The first half was the aggressive energy of my youth and my environment growing up: ‘I’m in the West, ain’t no dreams. I know life ain’t what it seems’. The second half was the energy of me now, after I’ve left the city, seen the world, and made it out of that environment. I have new struggles now, but also new victories. Like I say in that verse, ‘My life is different’.

Check out CILO’s “Don’t B Bitter/101” visuals below!