Donny’s Revenge – [DC the Don]

I think that I have written so much about DC the Don at this point that there isn’t much left to say that I haven’t already written because I just don’t want to do DC anything less than the utmost justice that he deserves. I was slightly late to the party in terms of listening to his music, but as soon as he came across my radar, I pretty much haven’t let a single day go by without listening to his music, and it grows on me with every listen which is saying a lot because I’m such a huge fan in the first place.

His sophomore album My Own Worst Enemy was really a massive steppingstone for the Los Angeles by way of Milwaukee emcee, and even though it is pretty lengthy, there isn’t a singular second that comes up short or falls flat because the versatility and complexity that he shares on the project is unmatched, but certain songs do stand out amongst the rest, especially my personal favorite “Donny’s Revenge”.

Well, you know that DC is making massive moves because DotComNirvan doesn’t work with anyone but the hottest rising talents in the game, directing videos for musicians like Whethan, Yeat, Trippie Redd, midwxst, and plenty more young stars, so when I saw that he and DC teamed up for this track’s visual, it was already a hit before I even clicked the play button. Complete with a variety of quick cuts, vibrant animations, floating eyeballs in almost every shot, and Nirvan’s trademark transitions, this flick is almost impossible to describe because I can’t even think of a word that would describe the energy that is displayed in this video.

The mixture of DC’s lively, enthusiastic, and individualistic personality combined with Nirvan’s insanely addicting edits is truly a match made in Heaven, so whether you already know you’re a fan of DC or this is yet to be discovered for you personally, you’ll be a fan instantaneously once you watch this music video, so tap in with “Donny’s Revenge” as soon as you can so you don’t miss out any longer.