Don_tgottabe- [Knxwledge]

Knxwledge is one of the busiest producers in the entire game. He constantly puts out projects whether they’re unofficial remixes, collaborations with other artists, or simply just beat tapes. The struggle that a lot of producers can run into when releasing the same output as he does is that their music can begin to sound repetitive or even uninteresting in some cases. Somehow, and I’m honestly not sure how he does it, Knxwledge manages to always think outside the box, delivering brand-new, always intricate and innovative instrumentals in the most natural way. It’s almost like he just goes to sleep and wakes up sitting on a complete gold mine of beats. I’m not sure if there’s a secret to this success or if he’s just not human, but either way, I’m just glad he is the way he is.

A little over a month ago, he dropped his critically acclaimed project 1988 and has even released a few animated visuals to accompany the album. He’s back again in a similar fashion, as his hit song “Don_tgottabe” gets a similar simplistic animated treatment. Soothing guitar strums, punchy drums, and consistent yet minimalistic percussion lay the foundation for this relaxing ballad. In the background, a calming and tranquil vocal loop plays on repeat, humming along to the comforting instrumental, adding another element to the beat that makes it more humanized and less high-tech. While the song kind of ends out of nowhere, it lulls the mind to rest and puts you at peace with the world around you for about the two-minute run time it boasts.

The visual itself plays in a similar loop as the song, considering it seems to just repeat every few seconds. Knxwledge seems to be on his way somewhere in a bit of a hurry, most likely to visit a significant other because he’s carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand while steering his bike with the other. As he rides through the sunsetting landscape, the sherbet-colored sky in the background accents the rest of the vivacious video. Murakami-looking flowers cover the ground, pairing with the colorful outfit he is wearing along with the even more vivid sky. As he rides along, his dog hops along behind him in a nonchalant manner. While it’s not the most intricate or detailed music video, it does a wonderful job of providing a restful visual to an already serene record.

Although Knxwledge has had his fair share of upbeat bangers that could easily be played in some sort of club or party atmosphere, I’m typically a bigger fan of his more subdued offerings like this. Whether you’re studying with it in the background, taking a nice walk in the forest, or just trying to relax with some soothing sounds, he always provides the perfect soundtrack whenever you need it. I do always look forward to new music from the abundantly talented producer, and the best part about new releases from him is the fact that you never know what you’re going to get. This surprise aspect of his sound keeps fans on their toes but in the best way possible because you know that he’s going to put together a masterpiece no matter what it ends up sounding like. 1988 was unsurprisingly incredible and “Don_tgottabe” is just another perfectly calm song to chill out to, so peep the new music video as soon as you’re ready to simply relax and vibe out.