doing it wrong – [oaf1] ft. [dreamcache]

With Yungster Jack and David Shawty’s “Pressure” continuing to emerge as one of the year’s most unorthodox, thrilling, and equally as polarizing releases to blow up thus far, there’s an entire community of artists on SoundCloud helping to develop this idiosyncratic lane of music, orbiting hyper-pop but in more of a hip-hop context. It’s weird, it’s new, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, even as such odd and experimental music continues to push boundaries in a refreshing way. Today, we’re here with a release that highlights such entitled “doing it wrong,” by oaf1 featuring dreamcache.

Premiered on the Astari YouTube channel, “doing it wrong” employs a blend of decadent melodies and vocal chops that you can’t help but love, especially given the creative direction of the music video.  Playing with the screen orientation and constantly moving the camera in unsuspecting ways, you almost forgot that oaf1 and dreamcache are basically just singing and dancing in a field. The video is that different and entertaining, and the best part is, it represents just one sliver of so much exhilarating and weird music happening on SoundCloud right now – all of which I’m sure will influence bigger artists in the coming years. Because, well, that’s what the underground does.

Check out “doing it wrong” below, and show some love to two of the more exciting artists I’ve found in recent memory: