Dog Talk – [Ot7 Quanny]

Philly emcee Ot7 Quanny kicks off the new year with his new anthem and visuals entitled “Dog Talk.” North Philadelphia is one of the roughest areas in the city, naturally, that brings a lot of obstacles and hardships for a rapper like Ot7 Quanny. Coming from that area has molded Quanny’s sound, personality, and movement to what it is today. With this record Quanny states via email that the premise is “a statement to everyone that’s wronged him in the past.” I think with street rappers when you have actual stories to narrate along with the typical money and cars people can relate to you more. Not to say you have to come from those same streets or areas but when you have a story to tell people are more prone to gravitate to your music in the long run. If you’re a music listener that enjoys Babyface Ray, EST Gee, and Icewrar Vezzo then you should give Ot7 Quanny a chance.

Watch the video for Ot7 Quanny’s single “Dog Talk” for yourself after the break.