DOA SKE – [Ganz] x [Lil Queze]

Nashville’s rap scene has been rapidly heating up all 2020 long much in part to the continued success and consistent musical output that the Street Konnected Everywhere, or SKE, crew has been able to do and it has been almost two decades since Nashville has seen a duo this on fire. Their rise to notoriety has been distinctly Nashville, with their way being paved by Nashville producers, engineers, videographers, and everything else, and have gotten further by themselves than any other Nashville artists in almost ten years. Lil Queze and Ganz have together created the sound that can only be associated with Nashville that takes distinct influence from Memphis, Detroit, Baton Rouge, and many other other regional flavors, but can only be recognized at this point as the Nashville sound.

Today Ganz and Queze linked up with Memphis giant Tay Keith for a new track titled “DOA SKE” which is a huge moment for Nashville rap that has existed in Memphis’s enormous shadow since the early 1990’s but the ’20s are looking like the era where Nashville is able to begin to assert themselves on equal footing. Memphis videographer Zach Hurth came to the Music City to shoot this video and I am eager to see what other Memphis names and faces are going to begin popping up in their work, from other cameramen and beatmakers to artist collaborations like the Dee Mula feature that the pair teased on Instagram today. Queze and Ganz have incredible chemistry and each of them has been able to develop their own unique flows that play off of each other perfectly which makes listening to their music a lot more fun than just hearing one artist by himself. Nashville rap is having one hell of a year and it is obvious that Ganz and Lil Queze are the future of this city and it is going to be great to watch so many parts of the city that ignored these artists be unable to not pay them any mind no longer.