DO IT AGAIN – [Cochise]

Benbow Crescent stans rise up, Cochise is back with his first release of 2022 this month with his newest single “DO IT AGAIN”. After making waves last year with an endless stream of viral hits and a ~phenominal~ debut album to boot, Cochise is one of hip-hop’s most exciting acts in the world of upcoming artists. “DO IT AGAIN” sees Cochise capitalizing off of his clear talents for writing clever lyrics and infectious melodies, but this time around he does so over a mix so ethereal it will have you floating after just the first listen. Trading his usual bass-heavy chaos for something music more ambient-sounding this time around, Cochise shows listeners once again just how much he deserves his spot in the hip-hop stratosphere with “DO IT AGAIN” After all, how many artists these days are consistently delivering fans high-quality and futuristic bangers like Cochise? Very few, but that’s fine – I’ve always been more of a quality-over-quantity kind of person anyways. Being in a lane of your own can get lonely, but as long as 2022 is filled with perfectly-polished hip-hop anthems like “DO IT AGAIN”, I doubt you’ll see anybody complaining. Though I may pray every night to my bootleg Benbow Crescent vinyl that fans see another Cochise album this year, tracks like “DO IT AGAIN” make the wait relatively painless.

Check out Cochise’s latest “DO IT AGAIN” below: