Do I Make You Nervous – [Serena Isioma]

If you’ve been following our pages for some time now, I’m sure you’ve heard the name Serena Isioma at least once or twice. Put simply, this budding talent has emerged as one of the most refreshing acts on my radar right now, and today, she’s here to prove it yet again with my personal favorite release of hers to date, “Do I Make You Nervous.”

The first main aspect of this one that caught my attention was the instrumentation. From the backset presence of the organ to the polished guitar riffs, producer C. Medina crafts a galvanizing sonic environment, even crossing over into what seems like post-Neptunes territory with the gorgeous, otherworldly synths. Each layer adds to the vivid texture of the production, and Isioma’s vocals act as the cherry on top, unforgiving and energetic as can be in their energy.

With this, speaking to the point of “unforgiving,” “Do I Make You Nervous” details Isioma’s declaration to do her own thing in a world where outside influences try to control her. Throughout the single, she consistently belts out the ever-important line, “imma do me,” not just telling the world that she’s going to follow her own path, but also reassuring¬†herself¬†of this freedom.

Fusing this theme together with the animated production, “Do I Make You Nervous” is a fantastic opportunity for Isioma to let it all loose and put her colorful palette of skills on display. Needless to say, the song is sure to impress, so don’t sleep.

Stream “Do I Make You Nervous” below!

Produced by C. Medina
Written by Serena Isioma
Mixed & Mastered by Serena Isioma