Distant – [Genshin]

When it comes to introducing the wonderful power of soul within his music, Genshin is an artist that refuses to be slept on. Each and every production placement is crisp, every solo release is well done, and all in all, he keeps an extremely high threshold of quality for all of his work. Today, we get to see this CT native back in effect with his brand new, 3-track EP Distant, and considering that it’s the start of the summer, I firmly believe that this is just the quick release that we all needed in our lives whether we knew it or not. Each of the three songs places a focus on the impactful nature of instrumentation and samples, and in such a way, a sun-soaked sound is brought forth that defines Genshin perfectly as an extremely versatile artist for us all to keep an eye on. That being said, be sure to let loose Distant at the link below, enjoy its southern-infused, warm-weathered sound, and follow Genshin on Twitter here if you weren’t already!