Disco Fever – [Boldy James]

Keeping up with an abundance of music releases is never an easy feat no matter how simplistic an artist’s music might be, but this difficulty increases an indescribable amount when intricacies come into the picture. While constantly releasing can be a big factor in attracting fans just as much as it keeps them around, it can also prove to be a burden on your reputation if you sacrifice quality to increase your output quantity. This has never seemed to be a problem for Boldy James, a Detroit emcee who has not only made massive strides in his career over the past few years but has also dropped an abundance of projects that comes fully equipped with singles and visuals, so it is hard to imagine when this guy even has any time to sleep.

You won’t find me complaining though, because with unbelievable efforts like Super Tecmo Bo with The Alchemist, Killing Nothing with Real Bad Man, and Fair Exchange No Robbery with Nicolas Craven all releasing in the last 12 months alone, Boldy’s complexity and skillset constantly evolves into something more and more dominant. This continued on his latest Futurewave-produced project Mr. Ten08, a 10-song tape that is absolutely insane in terms of his authority behind the mic.

While I haven’t even come close to fully grasping all of the talent that Boldy displays even after a handful of listens, I wasn’t about to miss out on the brand-new music video for the project’s cut “Disco Fever” courtesy of Lock Productions and FXCKRXP. As this one begins, the emcee and his confidant are plotting in a car at night, figuring out plans for a hit on someone that we’re not entirely able to identify, but they must’ve done something completely wrong if they have Boldy coming after him. As the plan begins to take shape, the camera constantly cuts back to a scene where a couple ballroom dances, something that I first thought was a reference to the two vastly different lives that the rapper lives.

Instead, I soon realized it was actually to show how even in the streets, every step you take must be systematic and in unison in order to come away from the situation unscathed. As time goes on, Boldy and his accomplice sit in their car outside the enemy’s home, and after he gets back from wherever he was, they jump out of the car and follow him to the door. Although the video ends here, there is a “to be continued” message in the final moments, meaning you need to check this one out before we’re blessed with even more fantastic footage to accompany another banger off of Boldy James’ latest project Mr. Teen08.