Dirty Money – [Rich Amiri]

Rich Amiri is one of the few emcees I’ve recently come across who has left me speechless after first tuning into his music. His versatility is tremendous, his imagination has no limits, and his execution is about as good as it gets. At only 18 years old, the Boston emcee has only been making music since 2020 when he began uploading songs that he recorded in his bedroom to SoundCloud, but he has obviously come such a long way ever since.

Internet Money has helped him craft his sound, build a following, and extend his reach far beyond what a singular up-and-comer can often achieve themselves, but at the end of the day, I think Amiri would have done just fine for himself relying on his skills alone, even though a bit of help never hurt anyone. His dominance has been unignorable, but his most recent hit “Dirty Money” takes things to a new level thanks to the immaculate Rio production, fascinatingly ambient vocals, and an innocent confidence that Amiri has boasted every step of his journey.

In the Tycho Burwell-directed video, the creativity continues as our first look at the musician takes place with him locked up behind bars. Eventually, he’s brought to an interrogation table where a detective asks him a few questions about some bags of money that he must have gotten caught with leading to his arrest. He’s then locked back up but plans a swift escape after breaking out of his handcuffs, scooping the bags, and fleeing in a getaway car, although it seemed way too easy for him to execute.

From there, he heads back to his home base where he stacks the money up and continues business as usual, wrapping up what might be one of my favorite videos yet from the young legend. Rich Amiri has never let me down, and I highly doubt he ever will, so make sure you tap in with this release ASAP!