Dirty Bands – [Plu2o Nash] ft. [Warhol.ss]

Poised with the ability to make hits with an effortless style nearly inimitable by other artists, PLu2o Nash has rapidly solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with in the game today. Pair that with Warhol.ss’s signature charismatic deliveries and some hard-hitting production from Mayhem Meech and Adio of Anti, and you have an absolute by the name of “Dirty Bands”. This single comes in the packaging of an absolute anthem, and utilizing money-minded motives to light the way, it certainly isn’t a song to forget about. Both Plu2o and Warhol truly snapped on their respective parts, watching the stocks rise in the process and further letting the world know why they’re two of the hottest out right now. Give “Dirty Bands” a listen below and don’t hesitate to keep this one on repeat all night long.