Dimensions – [Taylor Belle]

New York-based songbird Taylor Belle is back with a deep self-reflective track entitled “Dimensions.” When I received this single to my email and hit play through the first play through that caught my attention was the clever songwriting. Taylor does a fine job at showing the different sides of herself and shows the different “Dimensions” that form her make up. The main lyrics that stick to you are “Cause I’m more than just a woman, I’m more than just a person, I got all these dimensions.” “Dimensions” also dives into the struggles and hardships you go through that end up shaping you for the better. Although the single talks about the different layers that humans may have to peel back to find one’s self it also serves as a moment of empowerment for who you are.

Stream Taylor Belle’s new single Dimensions and dive into more of her discography if you have the time today.