Digital – [Tommy Ice]

If you’re at all familiar with the underground music scene that has been constantly growing over the past few years, Tommy Ice is a name that you should be very familiar with. He has been paving the way for so many artists to do their thing and make music by any means necessary, and while I truly believe that he deserves multiple truckloads of recognition more than he receives, I can’t let his contributions and hard work go unnoticed. He makes music without all the bells and whistles where he simply has a story to tell and an audience who will listen, and even when he does decide to think outside of the box and get creative with his sound, he always adapts and kills every verse he puts out.

Most recently, he decided to surprise fans with another incredible hit entitled “Digital”, and after taking a listen, it brought me back a few years to a time when Tommy was my most listened to artist, and it makes me want to dive head-first back into his music, which is something I think I’ll do as soon as I finish writing this. Also produced by the man himself, the beat begins with some heartfelt guitar strums before faster-paced, upbeat drums and percussion enter into the scene, transforming this song into something completely different, and I was excited to see which direction Tommy headed in.

Starting off, he begins with some of his honest, authentic deliveries that exclude all the frills of too many vocal effects, rather giving us a candid look into his mind and all of the thoughts and emotions he’s dealing with. Later on, out of nowhere, he elevates his pitch and begins to sing, bringing even more emotion and passion into the song before reverting back to his classic sound, providing some complexity to this offering while also showing off his versatility as a seasoned veteran in the hip-hop world.

This continues to unravel as the song moves on, and I’m beyond ecstatic with the way this record came together. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Tommy, not in a weird way, but just because I feel like I can relate to him and all of the narratives he expresses throughout his music in such an honest, straightforward way, and “Digital’ is no different, making it a track you’re going to want to check out as soon as you can.