Different Route – [8MatikLogan]

Chicago never fails to impress me with the flourishing music scene that continues to run deeper than ever, but there are a few names that have stood the test of time, and I couldn’t be happier for most of these artists. One emcee goes by the name of 8MatikLogan, and even after a name change and years in the game, he seems to only be getting better. Along with this, there is never a shortage of output from the Chicagoan, constantly releasing tons of new music and videos that all prove him to be one of the best underground phenoms in the city, and his reign is only just getting started. Most recently, Logan decided to show off some of his production and mixing skills within his record “Different Route”, and this dexterity of skills truly works to his advantage.

In the production, he utilizes some tear-jerking piano keys, deep, pungent 808s, and piercing percussion that comes together for a fairly simplistic foundation that Logan builds off of in a variety of ways. When he begins, he starts with a very honest, straightforward, and eye-opening delivery that is assertive and serious, backing up the words he spits with so much emotion and passion. As we move on, the ends of certain lines are coupled with pitched-down background vocals that further emphasize his point perfectly, accentuating his already impressive flows unbelievably well.

Not only does he have some remarkably smooth cadences, but his wordplays and narratives are all meticulously thought out, and he gets everything off of his chest for a record that Chicagoans won’t soon forget. At the end of the day, Logan has never been one for bells and whistles, rather opting to go with straightforward deliveries and flows that leave no room for debate, and this track is another amazing example of this. While Logan isn’t an artist I’ll soon forget about, “Different Route” is another impeccable addition to his undefeated discography alongside a CVO Films-shot visual, making it a record as well as a music video you’re going to want to check out as soon as possible.