Different Breed – [Star 2] ft. [$tupid Young]

With so much going on in my world recently, it has been hard to really sit down and put all my attention on writing like I enjoy doing. I don’t want to undercut someone’s gift of music because I just don’t have the time or energy to give it my undivided attention, so I haven’t quite had the chance to get back to it until today. With these time shortages, I often find myself saying that life is hard. It takes someone like San Diego’s own Star 2 to remind me that my life is actually a breeze compared to the hardships that he has faced.

Not only were the poverty-stricken, gang-filled streets he grew up in difficult to navigate but he was actually born in a refugee camp in Thailand. After coming to the States when he was just a boy with his grandparents, he eventually got into music, and the rest seems to be history. My first taste of his art is his EP Different Breed, a collaborative effort with $tupid Young, and although these 6 songs are a quick 20-minute listen, they all make quite the impact.

Each track seems to feature a few trademark West Coast elements like wavy melodies or deep basslines, but they also include some out-of-the-box instruments and other sounds that bring that specific song into a different league. I’m a huge fan of that because even though the West Coast style is one of my favorites, it can admittedly get stale if no one is even trying to push the boundaries and make it their own. That’s exactly what these two emcees do, though, and they even include some tuneful yet gritty vocals from time to time to diversify their other hard-hitting bars.

While I don’t know much about either of these artists in all honesty, I already respect them for including some innovative new features within their craft and for their unique backstories that have made them into the people they are today. With numerous collaborations already in the books for these California-based musicians, I think it’s safe to say that Different Breed is yet another entertaining addition to both of their discographies, so make sure you listen!