Die Young – [Sleepy Hallow] ft. [347aidan]

I love so many different things about music, but I especially love when artists from completely different worlds come together to create music. I just think that when two people with totally different sounds, inspirations, and life experiences come together, they not only push one another out of their comfort zones to try something new, but this in turn helps to spread their own wings and discover a different side of their own artistry as well.

Sleepy Hallow is an artist whom I don’t know an extensive amount about, but I know he is one of the hottest artists emerging from the New York City drill scene and 347aidan is a Canadian hitmaker who totally rocks to the beat of his own drum, receiving tons of attention in just a few short years thanks to his extremely unique style. Well, although it was maybe one of the last pairings I ever expected, I think their song “Die Young” turned out spectacularly well, and I was beyond excited to see such a diverse tag team dominate the way they did over a Great John-produced beat.

Sleepy takes over every verse, showing off his ridiculously smooth, effortless lyrics that have always seemed to just roll off his tongue with ease. Although Aidan only sings on the hook, it was beyond memorable because his voice is pitched up to sound almost like a sample rather than main vocals, and the way he sings his lines makes them almost grip onto your brain and not want to leave, no matter what else you’re going to listen to afterward. Along with the record comes an equally enthralling music video courtesy of director Picture Perfect, but whether you decide to just listen at first or dive into the visual, one way or another you need to peep “Die Young” because it’s one of the most entertaining tracks you’ll hear all day.