Die in a Flashback – [Ness Heads] ft. [femdot]

In Ness Heads new single, Die in a Flashback she teams up with the incredibly talented, fellow Chicagoan, femdot. The track lays a beautifully smooth instrumental and a catchy hook, Ness provided us with a smooth flow that’s very electronic/pop-inspired. The chorus is then accompanied with femdot trying out a newer flow that works really well with the instrumental; it’s hard, it’s fast, it’s gritty and it’s real. Femdot’s flow really is able to create a smooth feeling that entices listeners into the song. The record overall is meticulously crafted to really compliment each individual’s talent and I’m really excited about where both artists will go from here. Take some time out of your Friday and watch or stream this new offering below!

Produced by Evan McKnight and Sam Woodwall • Directed by Evan McKnight