DIE FOR MINE – [Lil Yachty] x [KARRAHBOOO] x [Kamo!] x [Draft Day] x [Dc2trill]

Today is a special day in Lyrical Lemonade history – as we just released the first music video that isn’t being directed by Lyrical Lemonade founder, Cole Bennett. Yesterday we announced that we are beginning to sign some video directors here at LL, and the first one is none other than the phenomenal AMD Visuals! This first video is a perfect handing of the torch, as AMD has built a solid foundation with Concrete already up to this point, and they delivered yet another classic visual. Be prepared to witness excellent cinematography alongside great verses from Lil Yachty, KARRAHBOOO, Kamo!, Draft Day & Dc2trill. This is an incredibly exciting new chapter of Lyrical Lemonade that is about to begin, I am excited to see what the ‘coaching tree’ looks like a decade from now of the new directors that are about to embark on their journies, welcome to 2.0.