Dictator – [Rei Ami]

Rising pop sensation Rei Ami keeps building her buzz and notoriety higher and higher. Recently she released cinematic visuals for her newest single “Dictator.” The song itself is already amazing, as I’ve stated in previous articles Rei Ami has mastered the breakdown element in records or in other words she has two songs in one. The first half of “Dictator” is really hard edge pop and you can see that in the whole aesthetic in the first part of the video. You see the young songbird a burning house where she drags her victims to what seems like a darkroom for a basement. For the switch up we see her wake up in a bathtub in a for the more lighthearted pop part of the song. Director Alex Cook and Rei Ami were able to come together to create a visual that embodies the duality of the song perfectly. Some of those themes that are represented are ”having power” vs ”being powerless” or ”controlling” vs ”being controlled.”

Watch Rei Ami’s new video for Dictator after the break!