Diamonds & Rubies – [DC the Don]

I have been with Lyrical Lemonade for almost 3 years consecutively, so it goes without saying that I have gotten tapped in with plenty of exciting up-and-coming artists throughout that time. Even before, I was keeping my ear to the ground in order to stay tapped in with the underground scene, so I guess I have been closely paying attention since probably 2015 or even earlier. Some talents truly get me excited about where the current trajectory of the industry is headed, but I’d be lying if I said DC the Don wasn’t one of the main artists that I am most thrilled about.

Back in February, he dropped his album My Own Worst Enemy, and while I love the title very much, I enjoy the journey that he takes us on even more. Building off of the name, DC rotates through 22 songs that combine RAG3 KIDD and DONNY’s juxtaposing sounds as they seem to battle with one another. These two alter egos are different versions of DC, the first being much calmer and more romantic at times while the second is full of rage and anger, so the way that these two characters are represented and built out throughout this hour-long album is such a captivating plot that I still find myself fully entrenched with.

Considering there are so many tracks on this album, it’s impossible to choose a favorite, but the first handful of songs is filled with energy and aggression, so I had to write about the music video for “Diamonds & Rubies” which happens to be the second record on the album. Directed by Cobain and edited by 713Bran, this one follows along with a similar dark and chaotic aesthetic that we have seen throughout other videos that complement the project, but in this flick, there are a few out-of-the-box variations as well.

These deviations include some poolside shots of DC and some lovely ladies on a beautiful, sunny day that definitely changes things up much more than normal when reminiscing on the darker narratives that are explored elsewhere. I am beyond grateful that DC is continuing to build on the legacy of his album with such well-executed videos, and with “Diamonds & Rubies” being no different, you need to tap in as soon as possible before you miss out on yet another wonderful visual.