Devil Girl – [Nathan Bajar]

If you ask me, layering is one of the most powerful aspects of music in terms of structure. When a song creates a world around its production and then continues adding to this world, layer by layer, the power of the art is easy to feel on a full-body scale, just as we see with Nathan Bajar’s new release, “Devil Girl.”

Based around the intoxicating swing of a guitar-riffed instrumental, this offering mixes animated drums and gorgeous melodies in the most beautiful of ways. If this foundation is a new world, then the vocals are what illustrates the sky, as their dreamy capabilities transport listeners into a carefree existence of love, affection, and unwavering passion. Only adding to things from here, the constant addition and subtraction of certain elements develop the sheer beauty shown in layering, and the eventual switch-up in pace around the 1:47 mark switches gears into a fully-developed release that you can’t help but love.

That said, the latest from Nathan Bajar is impeccable from an artistic standpoint, so don’t sleep on this one. Listen to the song below and let us know what you think in the comments!