Deutsche Marks 2 – [Willie The Kid] x [V Don]

If you’re an avid reader of my articles, you’re well aware by now that Willie The Kid is one of my favorite emcees EVER. Aside from being an outstanding musical entertainer, Willie is a humble yet self-assured individual, which is visibly evident in anything he sets his mind to achieve. Therefore, while it may sound surreal for an artist to release back-to-back masterpieces in a one month span, it’s more so the standard for the Grand Rapids pioneer. Following the successful release of his Capital Gains LP, Willie The Kid stunningly followed with Deutsche Marks 2, serving as the sequel to Willie and V Don’s collaborative Deutsche Marks album. A recurring quality that is, and should always be appreciated in Willie The Kid’s music is his consistency and unwillingness to revert to a trending style. Instead, his discography is continually improved upon like the work of a skilled craftsman. Similar to the aging quality of wine, Willie’s artistry improves with every next offering, while his original classics withstand the judgmental test of time. Fittingly, “Plum Wine” is a song off the project, which could not be more apt due to the graceful piano instrumentation. Speaking of V Don, his immaculate production has undoubtedly forged a pivotal identity in numerous artists sounds, with Willie The Kid leading a noteworthy class. With twelve satisfactory tracks, Deutsche Marks 2 exudes class; the elegance of V Don’s instrumentation flawlessly meshes with the raps of Willie & the established guests. Features include a meritocratic lineup of Eto, Vado, Jai Black, and Flee Lord. It’s quite clear that no placement was merely given but rather earned as demonstrated by the sheer excellence in every verse. As a result, the indistinguishable rap royalty displayed from start to finish makes it incredibly difficult to nominate the best track(s), yet alone discern the record’s eminence compared to Capital Gains. The opening track “Rare Sighting” is a suitable title, as hip-hop aficionados will rave over the notion that they’ve been spoiled with yet another extraordinary body of work from a legendary duo. As much as I love to highlight tremendous lyricism, there’s simply too many gems expressed throughout the listening experience to note. In this particular case it’s simply more appropriate for the individual listener to absorb Willie The Kid and V Don’s shared brilliance. Stream the album below and be sure to cop limited time merch exclusively available via Serious Soundz!