Detroit Flow – [Quin NFN]

I have been a huge fan and supporter of Quin NFN for some years now, and he recently put out a new music video for his new record titled “Detroit Flow”. Texas has been known for producing tons of talent in the hip-hop field, but Quin NFN is easily my favorite out of the new up & comers for many reasons. For one, his whole style just feels very authentic, he’s not like some people who you can instantly tell are lying in their music. Another point, you just can’t listen to Quin’s music and not laugh or at least crack a smile at some of the witty & catchy bars that he spits, not to mention the array of flows that he uses to deliver these punchlines. Lastly, he just has the aura around him that screams that he is destined for stardom, and if you can’t see the mass amount of potential that he has, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Quin NFN is a young legend in my book, it’s been awesome to watch him rise over the past couple of years, the wild part is that he still has so far to go. Check out this new music video below!

Produced by Ric Suave