DestGang – [DestoDubb] ft. [Lil Pump] & [Richy Samo]

Never hear of DestoDubb or Richy Samo? Don’t worry, I haven’t either. I have heard of Lil Pump though which is what brought be to this track, and boy am I glad I gave this one a chance. This is an absolute banger that you need to hear especially if you’re into rap that is more or less like Lil Pump’s style. Anyway, “DestGang” is the first track of DestoDubb’s that I’ve ever heard and I am very impressed. He made an incredible impression on me with this as the song is hype, loud, and full of energy. Also, all three artists spit some serious heat. Last but not least, I can’t forget to give credit to the producer of this beat. Shout out to fizzle because this beat absolutely slaps. Now go on ahead and listen to “DestGang” and when you’re done, put your friends onto it too because I know that they will love it.