denial & acceptance – [aldn]

Multifaceted artists are not easy to come by in the slightest, so when I come across someone who is extremely talented across all different kinds of sounds, I pretty much become addicted. It just keeps the music so fresh and it also makes sure that you’re always on your toes, so just as much as I listen to them on my own, I also try and clue friends and family in on the insane songs that these artists are bringing to life.

When I think of someone who does it better than anyone right now, aldn pops into my head immediately, and he’s someone that I’ve not only been a massive fan of for quite some time, but he’s one of the musicians that I always tell people to check out whenever they ask what I’ve been listening to recently or if I have any recommendations. He never seems to take his foot off the gas, releasing projects left and right that seem to further prove my point about his versatility each and every time, and his latest EP good grief is no different. I am always going to tap in with new content from the underground superstar, so when I saw that he created a music video for not one, but two songs off of that project, I had to tap in.

Directed by the insanely talented and artistic Tommy Bauer who has a prominent hand in some incredible creative endeavors with Overcast, this video takes the first and last songs of the EP, “denial” and “acceptance”, and rolls them into one cohesive video which I love. Not only are these two of the stages of grief (in order to tie back in with his project once again), but they’re also vastly different, and this is shown in the diverse first and second portions.

The first half starts out dark, frantic, and almost menacing to an extent in order to fit the feeling that this track induces, but the second half is much more composed, taking place outside in a green field and around a beautiful building, showing off the polar opposite emotions that were felt when these records were first created. I would say that it’s my opinion that aldn is a visionary, but that’s a blatant fact, and this two-part music video proves that with the way it ties every meaning together, which means you seriously can’t miss out on this all-out spectacle once again from the iconic trailblazer.