Demonstrate – [Mikey Rotten] & [Xavier Wulf]

Underground legends are considered legends for a reason, and I am always going to be one to show every last ounce of admiration that I have for them whenever I get the chance. Without them, I have no idea where I would be in this industry, if I would even be in it in the first place, and it’s thanks to their music that I have such an open mind and love all different genres. Xavier Wulf is one of the most influential emcees for me personally because he seems to just be himself, and the result of this is absolutely stupendous music that I have been listening to for the better part of a decade.

Mikey Rotten is someone who I haven’t really gotten as familiar with until recently when I heard this duo team up for a Volt-produced song entitled “Demonstrate”, and after tuning in, I was mesmerized by just how versatile and entertaining both of these artists are. The beat just rattles your speakers like crazy while the deep bassline sets the tone for this dark, ominous hit, and when Mikey comes in to spit, there is no telling where he is going to go next.

He starts with an almost melodic whisper before shifting to a raspy, underworld delivery that eventually shifts to a complete whisper that is even more sinister than ever. As I said, there is no predicting what direction he is going to head in, but every single style he shows off seems to get even better than the last, and Xavier takes things through the roof with his contagious energy.

X uses a much more consistent delivery, half-yelling his lyrics with assertiveness and aggression, and even though he doesn’t really share as many alter egos as Mikey, his verse is as hard-hitting as I could dream of. Even the video is enthralling thanks to a gang of directors including Greg Lewis, Killshot, The Reel MJ, and Quintin Lamb, so whether you’re familiar with either of these multifaceted talents or not, this is a record you need to add to your list immediately.