Demons and Monsters – [347aidan]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, Ontario native and 17-year-old 347aidan brings one of the most impressive tracks I’ve heard all year. “Demons and Monsters” was manufactured entirely by Aidan himself, showcasing the massive amount of talent that he carries and the endless potential that lays ahead of him. As stated by Aidan, he started making music with “the thought of helping people and bringing joy to others while expressing the thoughts I can’t normally push out in a conversation.” Thousands and thousands of people have connected with those exact thoughts as he has slowly built one of the most supportive fanbases in the world. For this song specifically, he describes “the corruption we see through our phones everyday and the feeling that we need to be famous, pretty, or rich. I think as a society we need to search for peace of mind,” Aidan says, “and not small substitutes for a smile.” In a world that craves, desires, and needs peace of mind and happiness, this song performs as the perfect bridge for what could help more and more people understand the difference between true happiness and a small smile. Be sure to stream “Demons and Monsters” below and follow Aidan on Instagram and Twitter!