Demons and Angels – [Slime Dollaz]

Slime Dollaz has been one of the most unique and personable artists out since his initial break in 2017, but a slew of legal problems have held him back since his first taste of success. Intermittent jail stints and house arrest has characterized the past many months for Slime Dollaz, but it is finally looking like he will have the chance to put this behind him and, finally, be able to focus fully on his music. His flow is quite unorthodox and Slime does quite literally whatever he wants on the beat, regularly falling ahead and behind pace, but through this, he somehow manages to still captivate his listeners because of the happy-go-lucky mood present in many of his songs. Recently he teamed up with Crackstation Films to bring his song “Demons and Angels” to life with a new visual. His sanguine sonics are contrasted by Slime’s dark and grimy lyrics that tell the cautious and violent tales of street life in his native Spartanburg, SC and this juxtaposition has helped him appeal to the streets and the internet alike. Slime Dollaz is already an underground legend in many people’s books, and I sincerely hope that he can put it all together in 2020.