Deliverance [Sa-Roc] x [Evidence]

“Everyone knows a rose can grow from cracks but most don’t blossom fruit.” No, this quote does not belong to an ancient philosopher, but rather, Sa-Roc –  an elite emcee out of Southeast, Washington, D.C. I first discovered Sa-Roc via a friend’s recommendation, being particularly amazed by her popular song “Forever.” The veteran Rhymesayers artist is guaranteed to exude confidence through her raps,  frequently offering her own depth of wisdom. Sa-Roc’s latest song and visual, “Deliverance,” is the first single off her upcoming album The Sharecropper’s Daughter; the title of which pays homage to her father’s experience growing up as a tobacco sharecropper. In Sa-Roc’s own words, the album represents  “a sonic reflection on the generational inheritance of trauma and triumph that shapes our humanity and influences the way we see the world.”

On “Deliverance,” Sa-Roc offers her typical insightful, multi-syllabic, and highly-prolific bars with an uplifting touch. Produced by Evidence, the instrumental contains a perfect level of griminess to compliment Sa-Roc’s assured tone. While Sa-Roc sits comfortably on her own throne, the way she seemingly surfs to synchronize with the beat’s rhythm is perhaps only equal to the King Los’s of today’s rap game. If you don’t believe me, read no further by opening your ears to the truth. Directed by Stephen Vanasco, the visual provides a mixture of vibrant and dark textures, but Sa-Roc’s aura is always bright. Be sure to check the music video’s description for all relevant credits, and to decode Sa-Roc’s penmanship through the listed lyrics.  Moreover, her new album can be pre-ordered via her website, including vinyl , CD, and merch offerings.

P.S. around the 2:14 mark, you will notice a flash appearance of fellow hip-hop Queen Rapsody!