Deliver Us From Evil – [Luke Almighty]

Luke Almighty has been featured on our page too many times to count at this point, as he’s been regularly supplying some of the hardest trap beats to Chicago’s most promising underground rappers for the past year. Today, the culmination of the producer’s growing catalog of beats and laundry list of frequent collaborators comes in the form of “Deliver Us From Evil”.

It’s always interesting to see what a producer will do when they drop their own project, whether they’ll stick to the same formula that landed them their biggest hits or if they’ll push their sound to new places. Luke offers a balance of these two sides on “Deliver Us From Evil”, continuing to give us heavy bass and crisp drums—probably the strongest weapon in his arsenal—while also showing a willingness to experiment. You can hear this balance on tracks like the album’s opener, “Certain”, which kicks things off on an upbeat note with a chopped-up guitar riff looping throughout. This tape is as much a solo debut for Luke as it is a sample platter of the city’s strongest talent in the trap arena. Luke clicks with each artist to tailor the beat around their vibe, venturing toward the dark side on collaborations with ADOT and Freako while brightening things up on tracks with HateSonny or Kahrion. The result is a project that feels like a kind of victory lap for Luke Almighty, and a summer playlist curated for fans of the Chicago hip-hop scene. Hit play on “Deliver Us From Evil” below: