DELIRIOUS – [Bari] prod. [Blake Wright]

Getting to the point where you can define and distinguish yourself is something all artists strive for, and there are few artists in hip-hop right now that have reached this level as clearly as St. Louis rapper Bari. With a string of solid mixtapes over the past couple of years, now seems to be the time for the melodic and eccentric lyricist to really take off. Foretelling his own rise to prominence is the release of one of Bari’s most impressive songs so far, “DELIRIOUS”.

As an artist with no shortage of surprises in his arsenal, Bari refreshes his energy once again for this song as he has on his last few releases. His ability to blend his menacing, villainous nature with soft, soothing melodies is a balance that Bari handles with finesse, and this quality resonates especially true on “DELIRIOUS”. His auto-tuned and layered vocals cut through the track as if they’re calling out from the void, casting his voice in a futuristic and alien-like sheen that accentuates his animated flows. Producer Blake Wright’s instrumentation also brings out the more experimental side of Bari in a way that feels true-to-form, as he fires off rounds of 808s and the occasional rev of an engine to match Bari’s energy. Together, Bari and Wright cook up an atmospheric hip-hop sound that has familiar elements but still sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.

Along with the new release of “DELIRIOUS” comes the exciting fruition of Bari’s Awesomeness brand. Since finishing up his last album under the Zero Fatigue label, Bari’s new independent status and the start of his own brand represent his continued growth as an artist—“DELIRIOUS” is a promising sign of what’s to come.