Delectable – [TyFontaine]

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Internet Money, and I have been even longer before their unbelievable album dropped. I can press play on any song by Iann Dior, Poorstacy, Lil Spirit, Turbo, or anyone else on their roster and be transported to an entirely new universe in the blink of an eye. Just a week ago, Internet Money’s very own Tyfontaine dropped off his brand-new single “Cuff Jeans”, and I haven’t gone a day without listening to it probably ten or more times. Its hook is absolutely incredible, his verse is as impressive as it is diverse, and his abundance of talents are sprinkled all over the short offering. Fast forward seven days, and it turns out that the fun is only beginning.

As he has been preparing fans for the release of his second project of the year entitled We Ain’t the Same, he finally announced the mixtape’s official release date, which is next Friday, as well as the tape’s tracklist which includes features from 24kGoldn, Coi Leray, TheHxliday, and of course Lil Keed on their previously released single “Duse N Juice”. With a list of 16 songs, there’s no telling what we can expect, but just know that Ty is undoubtedly going to take fans on a sonic journey through all of his different skills and sounds in a way unlike anything you’ve ever heard in the past.

In order to hype up the album even more, he decided to gift us with another new single called “Delectable”, and it made me even more excited to hear the mixtape in its entirety even more than I could’ve even anticipated. Per usual, some of Internet Money’s strongest producers including oktanner, Taz Taylor, and Nick Mira teamed up to create this hit, and it’s as unique as Ty himself. Bouncy, lighthearted xylophone hits of some sort create a jungle-like vibe that is revitalized with rattling percussion and pungent, banging 808s for an absolutely perfect foundation.

Ty begins the hook with his higher-pitched vocals in a quick yet steady fashion as background vocals call to you in the distance. He continuously raises and lowers the intonation of his voice, taking listeners on a proverbial rollercoaster ride of sounds as he rotates through his never-ending list of cadences. Just when you think the tunefulness of his voice has reached its limits, he begins to full out sing, bringing even more melodiousness to the table in an equally impressive yet smooth manner.

As the instrumental briefly simplifies for the singular verse, he raises the tone of his vocals higher than ever before in this track, showing off a new sound that recaptures your attention if your mind was somehow able to wander off. During certain lines, he quiets himself to almost a whisper, taking a step back and allowing a sort of breather for him to pump more energy into the record and elevate his vitality yet again. Although his verse is quick and the hook seems to last even longer, every single part of this track is catchy and infectious, allowing his words and melodies to linger in your mind long after the song culminates.

As with most Tyfontaine songs, this hit doesn’t last longer than two minutes, but he packs a powerful punch in such a short span of time. His uncanny ability to swing his lyrics and fit all of his words into each line without interrupting the rhythm of the song is as difficult as it is noteworthy, and I legitimately can’t think of another artist who is as dexterous and lively as him, no matter how big or small their followings may be. I say it every time I write about Ty, but I truly don’t think he gets nearly enough respect from outsiders, but fans and listeners know exactly what he can bring to the table, so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on. This next week is going to feel like an eternity as we wait for We Ain’t the Same to drop, but patience is a virtue, so it’s going to be that much better when it’s actually in our laps. While we wait, Ty left us with a few fantastic singles to tide us over until then, so check out his most recent record “Delectable” as soon as you possibly can.