Dedication – [NNAMDï]

NNAMDï is certainly and undeniably one of the most imaginative musicians in Chicago, but that’s not hard to understand once you listen to anything in his discography. Admittedly, even though I have listened to most of his previously released music and enjoyed all of it, it wasn’t until the rollout of his upcoming project Please Have a Seat that I came to a serious realization about just how important he is to the music world. As I said before, his creativity is far better than par compared to almost anyone else making music, and the stories he shares are not only personal, but they’ve even helped me look at myself in an introspective manner in order to realize that shit happens, but it’s how you pick yourself up that matter more than the hardships that you once faced.

“Anti” was the name of his last single which actually created a new meaning of the word artistry to me personally, and when I saw that he dropped his final self-produced single entitled “Dedication” alongside a Rena Johnson-directed, designed, and edited music video, adding another gem to his unbeaten project rollout. The song is magnificent, sharing an upbeat yet somehow slightly lamenting aesthetic full of electric uproars and pop undertones that were brought to new levels thanks to additional vocals from Stephan Jurgovan, Sen Morimoto, KAINA, and Brok Mende.

Although the track more than likely shares a deeper message than just perseverance and dedication, as it is titled, the video shows NNAMDï working out on an old-school rotary bike, sweating like a madman even with a director figure screaming at him through a megaphone. No matter how tough the battle becomes, NNAMDï continues to push through the pressure with the eye of the tiger, not stopping until he literally collapses at the tail end of the performance. Wasting no time, the camera quickly cuts to the TV where an animated character named Slyfy McCartney shares a cheesy commercial for his “Sooper Elite Furniture” business, a skit that is going to be featured on the album.

With only a month left before the 14-song effort is supposed to be released, I feel like I can remain patient, but I fear that the more I run these singles back, the more I will grow impatient. Nonetheless, I have my calendar marked for October 7th, and I can’t wait to hear this body of music in a cohesive, orderly fashion as it is meant to be played. The story will undeniably shift perspectives and show listeners a side of NNAMDï that we have never seen before, making us appreciate him all the more for the wonderful music he is putting out into the world.