Dear November – [BIGBODYFIJI]

While many fans don’t appreciate the very deep, diverse, and rich history of Chicago’s hip-hop scene, those who do know exactly what kind of gems are hidden throughout the city. Out of all of the names I could list off right now, I think it goes without saying that BIGBODYFIJI is about as legendary as it gets, but the mainstream media doesn’t want to admit it. Admittedly, it has been a little bit of time since I last tapped in with the Windy City underground phenom, but that doesn’t make me appreciate him, his music, and what he has done for the culture any less.

In fact, you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw that he decided to drop a brand-new track entitled “Dear November” alongside an accompanying Jose Franco and Evan Williamson-directed music video. While the music video is an absolutely incredible addition to the track, I figured I’ll let you check that out as you listen, so I wanted to highlight this awesome song first and foremost. Produced by Dex, we hear some persistent hats and claps that combine with some deep 808s and a very casual, smooth melody that almost sounds like the soundtrack for a leisurely stroll down the block which is a flawless foundation for FIJI to absolutely go to town on.

In the beginning, he kind of goes in with a few mumbles, giving us a little taste of what he’s about to get into without giving up all of his secrets. When he does go in a few seconds later, though, he utilizes a very raspy and mumbled delivery that actually seems to contain hints of optimism and joy that complement the instrumental perfectly. If you’re familiar with FIJI’s body of work, you know he’s not one to shy away from obscure deliveries and sometimes strange vocals, so while my description might not do it nearly enough justice, just know that it’s as creative and inventive as it gets, and I can’t express how much I appreciate that about his music.

As he makes his way throughout this record, he shows off a plethora of cadences and flows that get even more casual and effortless even as they get more intricate, proving once again that he’s not only an underground legend because he’s different and unique, but he’s a legend because he truly is talented and one of a kind. While I could go on for days about how awesome BIGBODYFIJI is, I’ll let you see that for yourself as you tune into his latest release called “Dear November”.